Interesting ‘series’ on a young girl and genetic testing for Huntington Disease – this is her story.

a. Genetic testing and disease: Would you want to know?

b. Genetic testing: Does Kristen Powers have mom's fatal gene?

c. TEDxTeen - Kristen Powers The InnerKid Philosophy (Video Clip)

August 2012

Myriad Genetics BRCA1 and BRCA2 patents upheld in court

Genetically engineering 'ethical' babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor

Neanderthals did not interbreed with humans, scientists find

Common Lab Dye Found to Interrupt Formation of Huntington's Disease Proteins

Clinical Trial Is Favorable for a Prenatal Gene Test

Stem cells responsible for higher brain function found

Fruit flies offer DNA clue to why women live longer

State of progress in treating cystic fibrosis respiratory disease

July 2012

European Agency Backs Approval of a Gene Therapy

Is gene doping coming to the Olympics?

Academic journals face a radical shake-up

Gene that spreads breast cancer discovered paving the way for new treatments

Quality Of Life Of Children With Trisomy 13 And 18 May Be Better Than That Predicted By Physicians

New Tool in Fight vs. Jewish Genetic Diseases: A Catalog

Population Genetics, Autism Research Centre to Study Asperger Variants

In Treatment for Leukemia, Glimpses of the Future

Rare genetic mutation protects against Alzheimer's

From mom’s blood, a fetus’s entire genome

June 2012

How Often Does Early Breast Cancer Metastasise?

Multiple Tumor Zones Need To Be Sampled In Breast Cancer

Broader Health Risk Suggested By Fragile X Gene's Prevalence

Personal genomics company 23andMe awarded Parkinson's gene patent

Genome of 18-week-old foetus deciphered

A Geneticist’s Research Turns Personal

May 2012

Many Rare Mutations May Underpin Diseases

Making Gene Mapping Part of Everyday Care

HIV gene therapy is safe and long-lasting, but is it effective?

Research Center to Focus on Cancer Genes

Blood test could detect breast cancer risk

In reading this article it is important to remember that although certain ‘trends’ have been seen they do not necessarily describe the norm (how it works). These articles provide access to ground-breaking scientific research and discovery but requires a lot more figuring out before it means anything to you and me as the general public!

Riddle of Solomon solved: Scientists find South Sea islanders' blond hair didn't come from Europeans, but evolved separately

Breast cancer rules rewritten in 'landmark' study

One gene helped human brains become complex

Synthetic DNA Created, Evolves on Its Own

Another “IQ gene”: new methods, old flaws

DNA Day, 2023 (blog)

Interesting reads for clinicians and geneticists:

Germline BRCA1 mutations increase prostate cancer risk

Characterization of mtDNA variation in a cohort of South African paediatric patients with mitochondrial disease

Gene Tests May Not Drive Patients to More Medical Care

ELSI 2.0 for Genomics and Society

April 2012

Stress levels and smoking: Why your dad's bad habits may have wrecked your genes

Gene test that could predict breast cancer years before it strikes

'Brake gene' turned off in pancreatic cancer

Mayo Clinic identifies gene critical to development and spread of lung cancer

Why 23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki Trusts the Crowd Over the System

Scientists Link Gene Mutation to Autism Risk

Genome sequencing identifies multiple genes involved in gastric cancer

Whole-Genome Sequencing of Healthy Individuals Provides Limited Risk Prediction for Common Diseases

DNA mapping not for everyone - study

Study Says DNA’s Power to Predict Illness Is Limited

Studies Link Daily Doses of Aspirin to Reduced Risk of Cancer

Bridge the Gap Between Basic Research and Patient Care, NIH Head Urges

Rick Santorum speaks of his daughter's medical condition

March 2012

Gene flaw linked to serious flu risk

Beliefs About Nature And Nurture Can Change Health Strategies

USB stick can sequence DNA in seconds

Drug bests cystic-fibrosis mutation

Male Y chromosome extinction theory challenged

New Discovery In Fight Against Huntington's Disease

Microarray Superior To Standard Prenatal Tests

Successful Gene Therapy For Inherited Blindness

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