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Clinical Genetic services

Genetic Counselling

Genetic counselling is offered through the State healthcare system and in the private sector. Depending on your needs you could Contact Us to make an appointment, or go to Find a Genetic Counsellor.

Other Clinical Genetic Services

Clinical genetic services are not just offered by genetic counsellors but include clinical geneticists (medical geneticists), genetic nurses and genetic testing laboratories. Should you require detail or contact information for any of these services, please Contact Us and we will assist you by providing you with the contact details of the relevant service(s) or healthcare provider(s) that best meet your needs.

Knowledge Share

The fascinating field of genetics is characterised by new discoveries and developments that occur at a rapid rate. The potential impact that this could have on our daily lives holds a great sense of future expectation. Questions that may arise include those relating to inherited conditions, genetic testing, ancestry, foreknowledge of medical conditions, personalised medicine and new therapies.

With this in mind we offer Customised Talks and professional Consultation.

Customised Talks are based on your needs and can be adapted for a variety of audiences, including but not limited to:

  • support groups,
  • medical staff,
  • students,
  • medical/healthcare conferences, and
  • healthcare/insurance workshops based on your needs.

The presentation may be for formal learning purposes, knowledge-share or pure curiosity and fun! We will meet with you beforehand to discuss your needs and develop a presentation or talk specific to your requirements.

Some of the presentations we have delivered to date include:

  • “Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy: Implications for at-risk individuals” - for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.
  • Munich Re Genetics Workshop
  • “The Value of Nutrigenetic Testing in South Africa” - at the Nutrigenomics Congress
  • “From the Cradle to the Genome – impact on Underwriting Assessment” - at the GenRe Medical Underwriting Conference

What our clients said:

“The talk on Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy was very interesting and helped people understand the cause, inheritance and risk of the genetic disorder.” - Muscular Dystrophy Foundation

“The talk was informative and the speaker is clearly an expert in the field.” - attendee at reinsurance conference

“It was interesting to hear the latest developments on genome testing and the potential uses. We look forward to seeing how this will influence the way we underwrite in the future.” - attendee at reinsurance conference

Consultation is a form of research and reporting on whatever topic of genetics interests you or that may have an impact on your business. We will do the groundwork and source specialists in the field to produce a report or presentation specific to your needs.

CPD Events for Healthcare Providers

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) refers to the tracking of on-going skills development, the gain in knowledge and experience that builds on, and goes beyond, initial training. A basic requirement to maintain registration status as a healthcare professional with the HPCSA is to acquire a prescribed number of CPD points per year. CPD events relating to clinical genetic services and related topics are listed under News and Events.

CPD point requirements for genetic counsellors are 30 CPD points per year which must include 5 points for Ethics/Medico-legal lecture attendance.

Should you or your Institution, Organisation or Company be offering any such lectures, please inform us through Contact Us and we will detail these on our website under ‘Events’. will host CPD events in the future.

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