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The pamphlet describes the genetic counselling service, who would benefit from genetic counselling and our contact details. To request pamphlets for your consulting rooms, please phone us or fill in the 'contact us' form.


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Genetic Conditions (A-Z)

PLEASE NOTE: The information provided for each condition is aimed at the audience of the specific country. Should you require any further information relating to the services and support in South Africa, please “Contact Us” or go to the quick-link for ‘Support’, which provides information on specific support groups in South Africa.

The Centre for Genetics Education: Genetic conditions - Information and support

Contact a Family: A-Z of conditions

Genetic Alliance: All diseases

National Institutes of Health: Genetic disorders

The National Organization for Rare Disorders: Rare Disease Database

Genetic Science Learning Center: What are genetic disorders?

Genetic Medicine: Retinal dystrophy information guide

Genetics Home Reference: Genetic disorders A to Z

Jeans for Genes: Genetic disorders

Learn more about Basic Genetics

NOVA beta: How cells divide

NOVA beta: Journey into human DNA

Easy Learn Genetics: What is genetics?

Genetic Science Learning Center: Tour the basics

Genetic Science Learning Center: DNA to protein

Colorado State University: Cytogenetics and chromosomal disorders

Genetics and Health

Genetic Science Learning Center: Personalised medicine

Genetics and Cancer

University of Michigan: Comprehensive cancer center

University of Chicago: Center for Clinical cancer genetics and global health

Stanford Medicine: Cancer Institute

Macmillan: Cancer genetics

Genetic Testing

NOVA beta: Genetic testing

Molecular Medicine in Action: Animations

Screening, Technology And Research in Genetics: Newborn screening - Information for parents

The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education: Tutorials

Prenatal Resources

Counsyl: Genetic testing before pregnancy

March of Dimes: Working together for stronger, healthier babies

Tina Otte: Prenatal Information and Classes

The Sister Lilian Centre: A pregnancy, parenting and healthcare facility

Inheritance and Traits

Genetic Science Learning Center: Heredity and Traits

News and Popular

NOVA beta: Personal DNA testing

NOVA beta: Cracking your genetic code

NOVA beta: Epigenetics

Genetic Science Learning Center: Stemcells

Genetic Science Learning Center: Gene therapy

Human Genome Project Information: Gene therapy

Genetic Science Learning Center: Cloning

National Human Genome Research Institute: The Human Genome Project

Genetic Counselling Tools

Centre for Genomics and Transcriptomics: Pedigree Chart Designer

Genetic Science Learning Center: Using family history to improve your health

Easy Learn Genetics: Family health history

My Family Health Portrait: Create a family health history

National Cancer Institute: Cancer genetics risk assessment and counseling

Training Course (General Population)

American Museum of Natural History: Genetics, Genomics, Genethics course

Genetic Counsellors / Healthcare Providers

Basic genetics education

Genetics and Social Science: Education and resources for social scientists

NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre: Genetics education

March of Dimes: Nursing education

National Cancer Institute: Cancer genetics overview

Genetic Counsellors

University of Kansas Medical Center: Information for genetic professionals

European Genetics Foundation: Continued education for geneticists and genetic counsellors

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