What we do?

geneticcounselling.co.za is an online resource hub for South Africans about the relationship between genetics and health.

We can’t cover everything, so we’ve included links to other websites and the latest news about genetics and health.

Who we are?

geneticcounselling.co.za was founded by Noelene Kinsley and Suretha Erasmus, two genetic counsellors in private practice in South Africa. The site showcases the clinical genetic services offered in South Africa and explains their value.

Noelene Kinsley & Suretha Erasmus

Noelene Kinsley

I completed my BSc at Wits and then entered the corporate world where I worked in the health insurance industry. I returned to Wits after a few years and obtained my Masters degree in Genetic Counselling.

Suretha Erasmus

I completed my BSc and MSc in Biochemistry at the University of Pretoria. I’ve worked in an assisted reproductive laboratory and cytogenetic laboratory. This gave me insight into what happens behind the scenes. I returned to my studies and received my Masters in Genetic Counselling from Wits.

When did we start?

In 2011, when we recognised the need for a South African-centric genetics resource, which prompted us to found our company, GC Network Pty Ltd.(which owns and funds this website). We want to build the ultimate genetic counselling community website in South Africa. It’s a step-by-step process based on feedback from you. So please tell us your needs, wants, likes, suggested content, articles and comments by clicking on Feedback or Contact Us.

Where are we?

We’re based in Johannesburg (Jozi), South Africa, but we can connect you to the right people countrywide and even beyond our borders.

How are we accomplishing our goals?

We might not be educators, web-designers or experts in ALL fields of genetics, but we have a passion to reach out and help people who want to understand the role of genetics in their lives – and then provide them with access to the right support. We do this by facilitating interaction between you, healthcare providers and genetic services.

Necessity and a frugal budget were the mother of our inventive approach. We chose to launch with the ‘basics’ to determine what works for you and understand your needs through feedback. Our ultimate goal is to provide a unique interactive spot for each of our different audiences (the public, people affected by a genetic condition, healthcare providers and genetic specialists (geneticists, medical scientists and genetic counsellors)).

We have set out to develop content that is informative, relevant and easy to understand. Currently this is written by ourselves and edited by our trusted copywriter. As we grow, we will invite contributions from other genetic specialists, providing you with access to a wide spectrum of genetic knowledge in South Africa.

We promise to:

  • Treat you as an individual.
  • Recognising that you have a unique set of values, beliefs, needs and culture.
  • Respect who you are and what you stand for.
  • Be professional and objective.
  • Be honest, truthful and open in all our interactions.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times.


This website www.geneticcounselling.co.za is funded by the company GC Network (Pty) Ltd.

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